Chittorgarh Fort History | Rani Padmini | Rana Pratap History

Chittorgarh Fort History

Chittorgarh is famous because of the Chittor Fort. This fort was built in the 7th Century by Mauryans. The name Chiitor is driven from the Maurya Ruler Chitrangada Maurya. It was ruled by Guhilot, Sisodias, Suryavanshi, Chattri Rajputs. It is situated at 590 feet high on a hill, spread over 700 acres. It is situated at 112 Km from Udaipur.

Chittorgarh Fort Rani Padmini

Chittor fort was attacked by Allauddin Khilji in 1303. Rana Ratan Singh was the ruler at that time. He had beautiful wife Padmini. Allauddin Khilji had heard about the beauty of Padmini. Once he asked Rana Ratan Singh that he wants to visit Chittor as a friend.

Friendship was just an excuse, he wanted to see the queen. He asked Ratan Singh about his queen and further, he showed his interest to have a glance of the queen as a friend. Finally, Ratan Singh shown the face of Padmini in the water. This was the one mistake Rana Ratan Singh made. And this was the reason for war between the two because the cheat Khilji wanted to marry Padmini.

Ratan Singh was defeated with a bluff. Queen Padmini burnt herself to fire along with other Rajput women. Following is the picture of Rani Padmini Palace.

Jal Mahal Udaipur

Jal Mahal Udaipur

Maharana Pratap History

Rana Pratap Birth

Maharana Pratap Singh born on 9th May 1540 and died on 19th January 1597 at the age of 57. He was the eldest son of Udai Singh 2 and Maharani Jaiwanta Bai. Udai Singh 2 is the founder of Udaipur in 1559 at the foothills of Aravali.

Moved to Udaipur

In 1568 Chittorgarh was conquered by Akbar. Udai Singh 2 had already left Chittor and moved to Udaipur at the foothills of Aravali but died in 1572. There was another queen Bahatiyani Dheer Bai. She had a son named Jagmal whom she wanted as a successor of Udai Singh 2.

Nomination of Step Brother Jagmal

Thus Udai Singh nominated Jagmal. Jagmal used to drink secretly. He ignored the ministers in the court. The Seniors and the Ministers replaced Jagmal by Rana Pratap Singh who was the eldest son of Udai Singh 2.

Jagmal and the other brothers of Rana Pratap had joined Akbar in his ministry. Man Singh 1 of Amer, Raja Bhagwan Singh, Prithviraj, Todarmal and a few more Rajputs had joined Akbar.

Akbar Invited Rana Pratap

Akbar sent an invitation to Rana Pratap through his Minister Jalal Khan Qurchi, and later through Man Singh 1, Raja Bhagwan Das, Todar Mal but Rana Pratap refused for himself but agreed to send his eldest son Amar Singh. Refusal of Rana Pratap led to war in 1576.

Akbar Invaded 

Akbar sent Man Singh on 17th June 1576 to fight against Rana Pratap. Man Singh was the most reliable minister of Akbar as well his relative because Akbar was married Jodhabai who was the aunt of Man Singh.

Rana Got Injured

In the battlefield Man Singh was on Elephant and Rana was on his stallion Chetak. Rana Pratap attacked Man Singh but Man Singh was without his sword. Rana refused to kill an unarmed warrior. Elephant of Man Singh was holding the sword with his trunk and gave a blow to the leg of the horse Chetak. Maybe, Man Singh had taught his elephant to do it because he knew the ethics of Rana Pratap. Chetak got injured but ran very fast or say flown away from the battlefield.

Chetak Crossed River

Chetak crossed a 21 feet wide river on the way but the stallion collapsed on the spot saving life of his master. The name of the river is not known but it is near Haldighati. This place is known as the Chetak Samadhi. Chetak had got an elephant trunk stuck to his forehead to confuse the elephants. Shyam Narayan Pandey wrote:

रण बीच चौकड़ी भर भरकर
चेतक बन गया निराला था
राणा प्रताप के घोड़े से
पड़ गया हवा को पाला था

गिरता न कभी चेतक तन पर
राणा प्रताप का कोड़ा था
वह दोड़ रहा अरि मस्तक पर
या आसमान पर घोड़ा था

Idol at Chetak Samadhi

Chittorgarh Chetak Samadhi

Chetak Samadhi


Rana was Broken after Chetak

Rana was completely broken after the death of Chetak. Shakti Singh who was with Mughals gave his horse to Rana Pratap so that he may escape from the Mughal soldiers who were chasing him.

Rana went to Jungles

Rana remained in jungles for several years. Once they had nothing to eat, so they prepared chapatis with grass. The daughter of Rana was about to eat that chapati, a cat came and snatched away the chapati from the hands of his daughter. This was the first time when Rana had wept and thought of submitting himself to Akbar. Rana wrote to Akbar. Akbar sent a message through Prithviraj but Prithviraj somehow advised Rana not to join Akbar.

Bhima Shah helped Rana

Bhama Shah gave all his wealth to Rana Pratap. It was a great financial and moral support to Pratap. He built his army of 25000 soldiers again with this money.

Poet Abdul Rahim Khan i Khana

One poet named Rahim was also present during the Mughal dynasty. His name was Abdul Rahim Khan i Khana. Some people call him Rahim Das also. Once he was on the march against Rana along with his womenfolks.

Amar Singh, son of Rana arrested all the women and brought to Rana Pratap. Pratap got angry at the notorious deed done by his son. He asked Amar Singh to relieve them back to their camp safely.

Amar Singh took all the women and relieved them to their camp. Rahim got touched by the greathearted king Rana Pratap and he refused to go against such a great human being. Rahim was sent to take care of Salim, the son of Akbar.

Rana’s Bheels & Man Singh

Once Man Singh along with his a few soldiers was hunting in the jungles. Some of the bheel spies of Rana came to know about this and informed to him. Pratap could have easily captured Man Singh but he refused to back stab him and said that he would handle him in the battlefield.

Abraham Lincon’s Mother said Great Words

Abraham Lincoln’s mother had wished to have one fist of soil of Mewar area, wherein, Rana Pratap had lived and ruled. She was impressed with the brave Rana Pratap because was a man of principle. He had not accepted half of India offered by Akbar under his rule. He was too much dedicated to his motherland and its people. He was more concerned with the peace and prosperity of his Mewar than the Power.

Rana’s Bhala & Sword

Weight of Maharana Pratap Bhala was 80 Kgs, Weight of Armor was 72 Kgs. Total weight of Bhala, sword, armor,and shield was 207 Kgs.

In the battlefield of Haldighati, there were about 20000 soldiers from Mewar and 85000 soldiers from Mughals.

Community of Blacksmiths

When Rana Pratap left the Palaces to prepare again for the war, a community of blacksmiths also left their homes. They were making bhalas, swords, armor and shields, where ever Rana Pratap was camping. This community is called as ‘Gadiya Lohar’. In many cities you can find them on the roadside selling iron products. Generally they have their carts also along with them.

Akbar wept on Death of Rana Pratap

When Rana died Charan Dursa Ora a poet in the court of Akbar said a few words about the praise of Rana Pratap in Marwari language. Akbar did not punish Charan but gave him gifts saying ‘You have expressed my feelings very nicely.’ This was the moment when Akbar had also wept as said in the history.

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