संस्कृत दुनिया की सबसे स्पष्ट भाषा, मैं खुद संस्कृत बोलने की प्रैक्टिस करता हूँ : Robert Lightfoot

क्या आपको पता है की नासा प्रमुख रोबर्ट लाइटफुट जूनियर खुद संस्कृत बोलने की प्रैक्टिस करते है, और वो संस्कृत भाषा को सीख रहे है, उन्होंने संस्कृत पर कहा था की ये दुनिया की सबसे स्पष्ट भाषा है, और मुझे समझ में नहीं आता की भारतीयों ने इसके महत्व को क्यों नहीं समझा और इसे…

Ellora Caves History | Buddhist Caves | Vishvakarma Cave

About Ellora Caves: The Ellora caves are in the Indian state of Maharashtra about 29 kilometres northwest of the city of Aurangabad, 300 kilometres east-northeast of Mumbai, 235 kilometres from Pune and about 100 kilometres west of the Ajanta Caves, 2.3 kilometres from Grishneshwar Temple. It is one of the largest rock-cut monastery-temple cave complexes…

Akbar Wept Rana Pratap Death

Maharana Pratap Singh & Akbar | Facts & the History

Maharana Pratap Singh & Akbar shall always be remembered for their relationship in Indian History. Rana Pratap was the man of principles and Akbar wanted rule over his sovereign. Akbar wanted to win over Mewar, which were the states of Rana Pratap. Akbar and the Rajputs: After his accession to the throne, Akbar had steadily…

khudi ram bose

The Real Story of Khudiram Bose -The Freedom Fighter

Khudiram said calmly but firmly, “I know, At the worst, they can hang me. Master, I take it as a boon. Bharat Mata is my father, mother and all. To give up my life for her is, I consider, an act of merit. My sole desire is only this. Till our country wins freedom, I…

Chittorgarh Fort Birds Eye View

Chittorgarh Fort History | Rani Padmini | Rana Pratap History

Chittorgarh Fort History Chittorgarh is famous because of the Chittor Fort. This fort was built in the 7th Century by Mauryans. The name Chiitor is driven from the Maurya Ruler Chitrangada Maurya. It was ruled by Guhilot, Sisodias, Suryavanshi, Chattri Rajputs. It is situated at 590 feet high on a hill, spread over 700 acres….